‘The Tiki Gods Will Come After You’: Police Searching For Suspect Who Stole Tiki Totem From Bucks County Man

WARRINGTON, Pa. (CBS) — A Bucks County homeowner is angry after a brazen theft from his front lawn. Somebody stole his 120-pound tiki head statue.

The owner says he is not holding his breath that he’ll ever get it back but police are hopeful someone may know where the totem is located.

“Within the first three years and my first one I built, it just took off,” Tiki Kev said.

He goes by Tiki Kev and building tiki bars is not just his job, it’s his passion.

“I love doing this. I don’t know why I’m tearing up,” Tiki Kev said.

He’s the owner of Tiki Kev’s Tiki Bars but sometime Thursday night into Friday morning, someone left him and his wife felling violated.

Credit: CBS2

“She just started cursing, she goes, ‘Somebody stole our tiki’ and I looked out there and it was gone,” Tiki Kev said.

Tiki Kev started off with two tiki totems but he’s now left with one. He says the totems were custom-made and cost him $600 a piece.

“Patty put this one here on Sunday and I said, ‘This isn’t going to last, either,’” Tiki Kev said.

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He believes someone pulled over in Chalfont and made off with his 120-pound tiki totem.

“Tiki is a weird thing. The tiki gods will come after you for doing something that bad,” Tiki Kev said.

But Warrington Police are hoping to catch whoever is responsible for the theft first.

“I would love to get my tiki back, but do I think I’m going to get it back? No,” Tiki Kev said.

Police are investigating the misdemeanor theft, but if you know who may be responsible, investigators are asking you to give them a call.

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