Uncorking the annual event that only improves with age: Philly Wine Week returns

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — What’s red, white and filled with brotherly love – that’s right Philly Wine Week is back!

Founding Philly Wine Week Board Member Jill Weber says the fun with begin with their annual opening corks kickoff Sunday night.

“So everybody fills up their glass, hopefully with the favorite wine maybe that you’ve been trying for the last hour or two, and we do a toast to the week and a toast to wine and toast to Philly.”

Weber says that this week will not only be full of vino but tons of great wine-centric events.

“You can look for 50+ restaurants in the city,” she said. “Some of your favorites, maybe some you’ve never been to, who are wine-centric, who love wine and we will feature wine events for you!”

These tasty events, and sometimes quirky events, can include everything from happy hours to flight tastings or even wine word Scrabble.

“Jet is having what we’re calling, ‘Wine Rules Scrabble.’ We’ll have Scrabble boards, I’m sure people will bring them as well; but every wine term that normally would be illegal because it’s usually a proper noun or maybe a French word borrowed term is worth double the points,” she explains.

Weber says opening corks will take place Sunday night on the 19th floor of the Bellevue Hotel, right on Broad Street.

For a more information make sure you check out PhillyWineWeek.org before it all ends on April 7.


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