West Philadelphia charter says it was promised chance to run a high school

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A West Philadelphia charter school wants the school board’s blessing to run a high school. But that blessing hasn’t come.  

Dr. Naomi Johnson Booker says the district promised her that when her Global Leadership Academy charter took over Huey Elementary School two years ago, GLA would be given a high school to run.  

She reminded the school board last week that her eighth-graders don’t have a GLA high school to attend in the fall.

“I have 125 children that don’t have schools,” she said. 

Parents and GLA staffers including Kim Fuller pleaded with the board to approve a GLA charter high school.

“Why is it that we’ve got to keep coming here and asking you to help us educate our babies? We’re doing an excellent job! Why?” Fuller said

The reason is that GLA hasn’t applied for a new high school, says the interim head of the district’s charter school office, Christina Grant. She says GLA has only asked for a grade expansion in its K-8 renewal.

“We welcome GLA’s application for a high school during the new charter application that launches next fall,” Grant said. 

Grant says GLA’s K-8 school is recommended for a charter renewal, but no action is scheduled on a high school.

Booker contends she’s been working with the charter school office all along.

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