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Family of Malcolm X claims officer’s deathbed letter shows FBI and the cops were behind his murder

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The family of assassinated civil rights leader Malcolm X is demanding that a murder investigation be reopened in light of new evidence in the case. Today is the 56th anniversary of Malcolm X’s slaying during a speech in Harlem.

“WABC-TV in New York reported, “Fifty-six years after the death of Malcolm X, lawyers revealed what they called new evidence of a conspiracy, perpetrated by the NYPD and the FBI to assassinate the Civil Rights activist in Harlem.

“Ray Wood was an undercover police officer at the time – his family and their attorney now claim Wood wrote a letter on his deathbed confessing the NYPD and the FBI conspired to kill the Civil Rights activist.

“Wood’s family says in the letter that Wood wrote, he stated his responsibility was to ensure Malcolm X’s security detail was arrested days before the assassination. The letter further states this move would guarantee Malcolm X not having door security at the Audubon Ballroom where he was killed.”

You can see a copy of the letter here.

“Malcolm X’s three daughters, along with Wood’s family and high-profile Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump, are asking for the murder investigation to be re-opened in light of the new evidence,” WABC-TV reported. “So, what we’re trying to do is talk about restorative justice is as lawyers — try to pursue relentless justice,” said Attorney Ray Hamlin. “On behalf of the legacy of Malcolm X, Dr. Betty Shabazz, on behalf of his family his lineage who is here.”

Though the letter was made public for the first time today, the matter– including the conviction of three Nation of Islam members for the murder — has been under investigation, WABC-TV reported.

“Last year the Manhattan DA began a review of those convictions after meeting with representatives of the Innocence Project. Now, with the new evidence, the DA’s office says ‘the review of this matter is active and ongoing.’

“The NYPD released a statement on Saturday saying,

“Several months ago, the Manhattan District Attorney initiated a review of the investigation and prosecution that resulted in two convictions for the murder of Malcom X. The NYPD has provided all available records relevant to that case to the District Attorney. The Department remains committed to assist with that review in any way.”

Malcolm X was 39 when he was murdered.


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