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DWI charges against Bruce Springsteen dropped by prosecutors

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<p> “He just decided that at the very last minute while the taxpayers were still paying for his travel, he wanted to visit all of the countries with the largest sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East,” said Maddow. “All of the countries with the largest sovereign wealth funds in the region, with whom he is now planning on going into personal private business.”
</p><p> “In fact, when the assault on the U.S. Capitol happened on January 6th, Steven Mnuchin was in the middle of that shopping spree — I mean that trip,” said Maddow. “Because of the attack on the Capitol, he got all sorts of press for sort of nobly taking action to cut short his trip, and in fact, he didn’t end up going to Kuwait after all. He canceled the Kuwait part of that trip, but even after the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, he did keep stretching his Middle East trip out just a little while longer, as long as he conceivably could, specifically so he could squeeze in at least one last trip to Saudi Arabia for what was expected to be one last visit with MBS, with Crown Prince Bone Saw.”
</p><p> “Now he’s opening his private investment fund with what he hopes and expects will be lots and lots of money from the people he has loyally served as U.S. Treasury Secretary in the Persian Gulf States,” added Maddow. “People he has loyally served as U.S. Treasury Secretary, by which he does not mean, you know, us.”
</p><p> Watch below:
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