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Morning Joe nails ‘Ivy League brats’ Cruz and Hawley for their ‘man of the people’ act at CPAC

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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough launched into a lengthy tirade on Monday morning focused on Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton for railing at the “elitist” Ivy League educations of liberals and “country club Republicans’ when all three hold multiple degrees from those same institutions.

Calling them “Ivy League brats,” the “Morning Joe” host nailed all three lawmakers for attempting to play “man of the people” before the CPAC crowd.

“It’s so funny,” the MSNBC host began after sharing clips from the conservative conference. “These anti-elitists as they like to call themselves. just in those opening clips, which were chosen, well, for the fact that you had two people who were seditionists there. One person [Hawley] that was talking about tearing down statues when of course his party destroyed, tried to destroy the United States Constitution and tried to disrupt the peaceful transition of power.”

“First you had Ted Cruz, Mr. Anti-Elitist who went to Princeton and Harvard,” he continued. “Then you had Josh Hawley, Mr. Anti-Elitist who went to Princeton — or who went to Yale and then Stanford. And Tom Cotton, poor guy, he can’t even get close to Washington because they’re tearing things up. 300 of your supporters in jail now, Tom Cotton, Harvard boy.”

“And you have Donald Trump again, Mr. Populist, who not only went to an Ivy League school but now lives at a country club and Ted Cruz saying ‘country club Republicans,'” he added. “No, you are in fact, your guy that you worship, that you kowtow to, that insults your wife, insults your father’s memory, and accused your father of being a murderer, you still worship him. Even though he says your father killed JFK and he attacks your wife. You said the Democrats are country club types. No, your guy not only lives at a country club, he owns a country club.”

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