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Tennessee cop fired after being caught on video high-fiving N-word-spewing Trump supporter

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A police officer in Franklin, Tennessee has been fired after he was caught on video high-fiving a self-described “big Donald Trump supporter” who was yelling the N-word in a bar parking lot.

The Tennessean reports that former Franklin Police Officer Seth Schilling late last year was called to a disturbance at a local bar, where an employee of the bar complained about a group of men causing a disturbance and yelling out racial slurs.

When Schilling arrived at the bar, he found a group of men in the bar parking lot, whom he questioned about the alleged disturbance.

One of the men responded by yelling out the N-word as a celebration of his Constitutionally protected free speech.

“N*gger!” yelled the man, according to video footage reviewed by the Tennessean. “See! First Amendment! First Amendment!”

The man also told Schilling that he was a “big Donald Trump supporter,” to which Schilling replied that he was as well — and then proceeded to give the man a high five.

“When Schilling was questioned about the high-five during an administrative interview, he said it was because the man was a Trump supporter, but after reviewing the video a second time said it was for the freedom of speech comment,” reports the Tennessean.

Schilling also told investigators that he didn’t give the man a high five for using the N-word and he said that “the conversation was getting a little weird and it was honestly just trying to keep the situation calm.”


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