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Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing the dirty work her GOP colleagues wish they could do

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According to Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse, one need only look at the two-year-old video of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) harassing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to see that she is living the dream her male GOP colleagues wish they could by using being a woman as a shield from accusations of misogyny.

Under a headline reading, “Marjorie Taylor Greene’s vapid gender politics,” the columnist makes the case that the Georgia Republican believes “I am a woman. So I can get away with this” — and she may well be right.

With one admirer of Greene writing on Twitter, “It seems to me that some people on these social media platforms the left leaning liberals can’t stand a strong conservative woman like Taylor Greene,” Hesse makes the case that the image Taylor Greene wants to present is working and Republicans have taken notice.

“In Greene, Trump conservatives have something precious: a ‘nasty woman’ of their very own, who can behave execrably to other women without being tagged as sexist,” she wrote. “Someone without the male baggage of Trump (‘grab ’em by the p—y’) or Mitch McConnell (‘nevertheless, she persisted’) or James M. Inhofe (warning an EPA nominee that if she didn’t ‘behave’ he would ‘talk to her daddy’) or Matt Gaetz (under federal investigation for alleged sex trafficking) or Brett M. Kavanaugh (obvious reasons).”

“She’s also willing to say what many conservative men are beginning to learn they definitely should not, which makes her the embodiment of weaponized conservative femininity: She hates liberal women and makes it okay for you to hate them, too. She preaches retrograde beliefs and uses her status as a woman to abracadabra these beliefs into something parroting feminism,” Hesse observed.

Adding, “You can see how this party might benefit by having a woman doing most of the talking,” Hesse took issue with what comes out of Taylor Greene’s mouth when it comes to women.

“But when you’re asserting your proud American femininity by yelling at another proud American woman about how much you think she sucks, that should be a warning sign of what your own pride is worth. A woman kneeling outside of another woman’s office, calling her a baby and demanding she come out and fight is not a strong woman — she’s a desperate woman. She is not demonstrating that her party isn’t sexist. She’s only showing that everything that comes out of her mouth is junk mail,” she concluded.

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