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Anti-mask Atlanta nurse out of a job after TikTok supercut exposes his racist and homophobic rants

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A nurse who formerly worked at Baptist Health in Montgomery, Alabama has been fired after a critic of his compiled a supercut of his racist and homophobic TikTok videos where he also questioned whether masks slowed the transmission of COVID-19.

According to, Nathan Coy Thompson, who posted videos as @conservativecoy1776, on TikTok is no longer employed by Baptist Health and his account shut down after a woman who goes by @rxOrcist collected a smattering of his ugly comments that questioned COVID-19 protocols, made ugly comments about using the n-word and made fun of people who are financially struggling.

In her prelude to the clips of Thompson, @rxOrcist — who also goes by Savannah — explained, “I warned you that we were going to hold you accountable,” Savannah said, “You see, while you’ve gotten super comfortable spreading COVID disinformation, racism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, literally all the phobias you’ve hit in your videos, you forgot the part where freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.”

The report goes on to note that a spokesperson for Baptist Health states Thompson — who was wearing scrubs and his badge in some of the videos — is no longer employed by them and has been gone since April., also noted that, “At the time of writing, Thompson’s name and license number could not be found in the Alabama Board of Nursing’s license database. All of his social media accounts appear to have been taken down.”

You can see the video below:


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