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This MAGA-rioting teacher left a trail of poorly spelled rage messages on the web — read them here

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Kenneth John Reda took time from shaping young minds as a high teacher to attend the January 6 Capitol riots, where he was arrested.

But his Q-inspired posts on Parler were what was most educational about him.

Reda, 54, is a physical education teacher at Viera High School in Brevard County ,FL, school officials confirmed to News6 in Orlando.

The school district said it will conduct an internal investigation into Reda’s alleged role in the events on Jan. 6, it was reported.

How it turns for Reda remains to be seen, but he’s unlikely to be filling in for the English teachers anytime soon.

Here’s some of his unedited prose on Parler, where he posted as “mrjoebidenhead,” — “Imperfect Son of the Lord Jesus Christ, Husband, Father, Son, Pop, Educator, concerned American NRA and 2A supporter:WWG1WGA” — according to the FBI criminal complaint:

“I was there at the steps of the Capital I got into the capital building there was certainly a difference in attitude by some a small number mind you than the rest of us more violent and speaking poorly to the police but I’m sure the #s were small. but served to be agitators the majority wanted to get into the Capital to let the Executive branch to hear our voices and instead the built fences and barriers and asked the police to forcibly keep us out. They did thier (sic) duty but were overwhelmed by numbers.”

Reda added that “violence and vandalism was very minor minus the cops shooting a young girl.”

On December 22, Reda had posted:

“It is IMPERATIVE that we let our elected federal officials know in both the Senate and the house that we will not be voting for them again if they do not support our President Trump on January 6th when they are cou thing (sic) Electoral College votes this is the cleanest Constitutionally right way for Trump to win a 2nd term. WE MUST LET THEM KNOW THE THING THATTHE (sic) COVET THE MOST THIER PPWER (sic) WILL BE GONE IF THEY DO NOT SUPPORT TRUMP.”

And five days later there was this:

“See you in DC on the 6th assholes who don’t support Trump. We need to get together and organize against this KABAL (sic) we need to overthrow it….they have thrown their last ditch effort to overthrow this election therefore this nation if we do not come together and organize we will LOSE.”

Reda faces charges that include unlawful entry and disorderly conduct. You can read the FBI criminal complaint here.


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