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WATCH: Pollster Charlie Cook explains why Texas is ‘extremely close’ and ‘could go either way’ in 2020

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In a historic move, the state of Texas is reporting they have already surpassed their 2016 vote count total and early voting isn’t over yet. The Cook Political Report has now deemed Texas a “toss up” state for the 2020 election. Editor and publisher Charlie Cook spoke to MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle about whether or not Democrats have a chance to win the normally elusive Lone Star state.

“Texas is like several other states that are fast-growing with lots of people coming in from other parts of the country … particularly people coming into the suburbs” Cook said. “And when you have a state with a distinctive political flavor and then have lots of people moving in from other places, it loses that distinctiveness. It moves back towards the country as a whole — sort of the reverse of the mean. So, Texas is losing its ‘Texas-ness’ and is voting more like the rest of the country and is moving away from just a solid red Republican state.”


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