Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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‘Zero doubt’ that Biden has a better chance of winning than Trump: MSNBC’s John Heilemann

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Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe on Wednesday predicted that Joe Biden would be elected the next president of the United States, based on likely votes in crucial swing states.

“If you look what’s outstanding, if you look at Nevada, we’ve got Clark County mail-in, that is a Democratic area, we’re leading now in the votes in Wisconsin and if you look at Michigan, huge Detroit vote still to come in. I think we win Michigan handily, [and] with Maine and Arizona, there’s 270 electoral votes right there,” the former Democratic governor explained during an appearance on CNN.

“But expand the map. I mean, we have got Pennsylvania, we may not know that until Friday but I would bet that Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania and you look at Georgia, outstanding votes there in Atlanta coming in, Georgia very competitive. So, the news for me is sunshine in America again, Joe Biden is going to be the next president of the United states of America.”


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