Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Trump is ‘bleeding’ support from Republican Party officials as he rages against election results: report

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Political uncertainty remains as vote-counting continues after an Election Day which saw millions of voters head to the polls across the U.S., but one thing that’s for sure is that “coronavirus is spreading like wildfire” throughout the country.

According to Johns Hopkins data, the U.S. recorded 91,350 new Covid-19 infections on Tuesday. This marked the second-highest single-day figure to date, CNBC reported, while CNN noted that the five days with the highest number of coronavirus cases have all occurred since October 29.

As the national caseload has ballooned in the past week, the seven-day average of daily new cases surpassed 86,000, CNN reported:Meanwhile, Forbes reported that Harvard and Brown’s Covid-19 risk assessment map—which assigns a rating to each county based on its weekly average of cases per 100,000 people—puts over half the U.S. “at a tipping point,” meaning that the risk of transmission is high and the “level of spread is difficult to control without a circuit-breaking intervention such as a stay-at-home order.”


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