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Not ‘a James Bond movie’: GOP ‘kingmaker’ warns Republicans to stop false claims of election fraud

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Veteran political reporter Jon Ralston said on Thursday that President Donald Trump no longer has a path to victory in Nevada.

Ralston explained the situation after new vote totals showed Joe Biden’s lead growing to nearly 12,000 votes in the state.

“Only about 14K votes or so updated from Clark [County] and Biden lead goes up by almost 5K,” Ralston wrote on Twitter. “See the advantage Dems have with [voting by mail]. If that is ratio for ballots in Clark, very bad news for Trump.”

“Washoe [County] only has few thousand provisionals left — should be a wash. Few thousand rural votes left — Biden will lose 2k max there, probably less,” he added. “That leaves Clark and tens of thousands of mail and provisionals. Little chance Dems lose there.”


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