Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Pro-Trump Alabama police captain says Biden voters deserve ‘a bullet in their skull’

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President Donald Trump is desperately trying everything he can to try and figure out a way to keep former Vice President Joe Biden from becoming president.

Thus far all of his lawsuits to stop the counting of the ballots cast on Election Day have failed. But there’s still one “nuclear option,” former Republican Rep. David Jolly (FL) told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Thursday.

“I would say between now and then, should Joe Biden secure the electoral votes, Nicolle, there is one option left to Donald Trump. It’s the nuclear option that none of us like to talk about,” Jolly explained. “Right now he has a vote strategy going against him. He has a narrow way to get there. He has legal strategies and the PR strategies. None of them are really working. I think what he’s building to, Donald Trump, is a decision point whether to pull the nuclear option. The nuclear option would be to legally challenge the results in certain states. Good attorneys will tell you it’s a meritless claim and they’re right. It’s still a claim he can push through the process and through public affairs it could tear at the unity Joe Biden is trying to achieve going into the inauguration.”


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