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WATCH: Lou Dobbs goes on angry rant against Mitch McConnell because AG Barr hasn’t stopped the counting of ballots

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Lawyers will file a complaint “in the next few days” over the unauthorised use of the Village People hit “YMCA” at campaign rallies for US President Donald Trump, a rights attorney said on Thursday.

The 1978 disco anthem was used both at rallies and as the soundtrack to a campaign video ahead of Tuesday’s US presidential election.

The rights holders, including Scorpio Music “have discovered with amazement this misappropriation, moreover for partisan and electoral purposes for the benefit of Donald Trump, which they would never have accepted,” said lawyer Richard Malka.

The unauthorised use of the song will “be the subject of a complaint in the next few days, both in France and in the United States, against any initiator or accomplice of what constitutes outright theft of the property of others “, he said.


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