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Mitch McConnell privately tells Senate Republicans to reject last-ditch plot to throw election to Trump: report

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Speaking to MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid on Tuesday, ex-Republican and Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt warned that there is only one of the two main parties left in the United States that supports democracy, and that’s the Democrats.

Reid asked Schmidt if this anti-government sentiment is one of the main reasons he left the GOP, and he agreed, saying it’s a reason he became a Democrat.

“I’m a single-issue voter. I believe in American democracy,” Schmidt explained. “What happened in the month of November premeditatedly, deliberately, faith and belief in American democracy was poisoned by President Trump, culminating with 126 members of the House of Representatives and 18 Republicans attorney generals signing an amicus brief to a garbage lawsuit that is, in essence, a declaration of repudiation of American democracy. Do not look at their signing onto that brief as some type of legal action. It was not. It was a political declaration. And the political declaration was one in where they turn their backs on the tradition of American democracy. We should understand what we’re looking at.”


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