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Disgraced former GOP governor given early COVID vaccine — after Alabama’s supply was cut by 40 percent: report

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Donald Trump’s last night to stay in the White House as president is January 19th. The next day, as per the Constitution, Joe Biden will be sworn in and take over the famous address at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

But Trump has a problem: he’s loathed in New York City and it is against the rules for him to live at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump’s predicament is the focus of a new piece by Washington Post columnist Helaine Olen.

“This week, The Post reported that a lawyer for the evangelical DeMoss family, President Trump’s next-door neighbor at Mar-a-Lago, had submitted a letter to the town of Palm Beach pointing out that an agreement Trump signed with the town decades ago forbids anyone — including the soon-to-be-former president — from using the property as a primary residence,” Olen noted. “This presents a practical issue for Trump: In 2019, he changed his legal residence to the private club.”


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